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Pubstops in retail

For over ten years we've supplied large retailers and local businesses with our products. In recent months, we've worked closely with our retail customers and developed a small but functional FSDU (above). Despite it's small footprint (38cm x 40cm x 160cm), the unit is capable of holding all our products including an retail exclusive clip frame. Below are the individual products we offer, supplied boxed and barcoded ready for sale. In addition to this we can also offer quantity discounts on all our framed products. 


Clip Frame in a gift box

Comes shelf ready and sealed with a bubble wrapped clip frame inside.

Dims: W 38.7cm x H 30.7cm
x D 1.5cm.


10oz mug in a gift box

Brilliant white, high gloss mug Comes shelf ready in a glossy gift box.

Dims: W 11.6cm x H 11.4cm
x D 8.2cm.


Poster in a gift box

Unique triangle gift box design comes sealed and shelf ready with the poster inside.

Dims in gift box: W 6cm x H52.1cm
Dims rolled out: W 50cm x H 70cm
W 40cm x H 50cm


Poster in a plastic sleeve

Polypropylene sleeve for a maximum transparentfinish, Posters arrive flat and require rolling into the sleeves.

Dims rolled up: H 50cm x ø5cm.
Dims rolled out: W 50cm x H 70cm
W 40cm x H 50cm

What next?

If your interested in stocking any of our products get in touch with us!

Using form on the contact us page will be the quickest way for us to get some prices to you, alternatively you can call us on 056 0366 9733 or e-mail us at We look forward to working with you.